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Our Experience

Are you familiar with the phrase, "You can lead a horse to water...?"  At the Equine Advantage we teach you how to get "horses" happily wanting to drink.  Of course, we're actually referring to other people you live and work with!   Hi!  I'm Andrea Chirich, founder and Chief Creative Officer for The Equine Advantage, LLC.  After 20+ years in sales, performance management, and culture change, I decided to alter direction! Now, along with my team, I share our passion for horses and our experience in corporate leadership by helping groups, companies and individuals create the improvements and changes they seek. Our customized trainings and workshops are designed to empower your team and outfit them with the tools needed to be more competitive in today's world.  Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Approach

  • First, we meet with you and find out how we can help.  Tell us what challenges you face, and we can help identify gaps and opportunities.  
  • Next we'll build a customized workshop tailored to your industry and objectives.   It can include the work with horses (highly recommended), industry specific scenarios, and followup at predetermined intervals.  
  • Program length and participation is unique and determined during our consult.  All programs can include working with the horses for real time skill development.  That’s how we ensure your success.

Why Us?

How many trainings have you attended where you learned some really great skills, or new tools, and then never used them?   My business solves that!  I was successful with culture change and performance management in my corporate career.  Much of that success is due to the insights I gained working and training horses throughout my life.  I bring that insight into all of my trainings. whether using the horses, classroom workshops or speaking engagements.  The work with horses is unique and profound with a higher degree of transfer back to the workplace than traditional training modules.  We make each workshop unique to our client's industry.  Based on our collaboration, real workplace scenarios are created with the horses which enables participants to create real change in their knowledge, understanding and skill sets.  

Call us today. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

The Equine Advantage

What makes us different and successful

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Our Specialties

 Hi!  I'm Andrea Chirich, the founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Equine Advantage, LLC.  We create custom workshops where participants interact with horses to achieve real insight and experience how they may need to change, and that they can do it!    Horses are experts in group dynamics and provide honest and profound feedback to participants.  Corporate leadership, Team Development, Professional Development,  Emotional Intelligence, and University work are some of the areas we have designed custom programs and partnered to achieve success.   I am also available for speaking engagements!

In addition to private workshops, we offer Personal Development Workshops for groups and clubs!

Change can be difficult and, at it's worst, downright scary!  But change is necessary to take anything, business or personal, to the next level.   If we're not growing we get stagnate.   I enjoy helping companies and individuals embrace change!   In our workshops we create scenarios that bring about needed change and help roadmap how to manage the change positively, by controlling the only thing we can control, ourselves!  Contact me today and let's talk about a program for your club or group.


"I understand now why my team was missing deadlines, and I'm clear about the leadership, support and structure they need to meet our goals."   Robin, University of Michigan HR Dept.

"How the horse performed was a direct result of what I initiated.  I want to be more mindful at work of how I lead my team, interact and communicate.  Great professional development experience!"  Rachel, University of Michigan HR Dept.

"I learned how much more I need to listen to what others are saying to me. It was clear how much listening is a part of leadership skills.   I'm assuming too much."  Nick, AvisBudget Group Airport Manager

"It is easier to work with others when I focus more on what we're doing, and what needs to be addressed and how, instead of whether or not people like me.  In fact, then they like me more!  After this leadership training, I'm not afraid to lead projects."  Julie, Global Environmental Project Manager 

"Each individual is different.  By considering what they need to be successful I can provide that and together it all gets easier and the quality improves. I think my whole team will benefit from this professional development."   Gail, Sephora JC Penney Manager

"It's OK to set boundaries and say no. So useful. I feel unstuck!"  VA, Colorado State University Organizational Leadership, Performance and Change PhD Cohort

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All workshops designed and facilitated prior to October 31, 2018 will receive a 10% discount on the event!  This is a great time to meet with us and let us design a program to achieve your goals.  Eligible for discount whether corporate or group.

New for 2018!

Women's Leadership Workshops!  Watch for dates on our website and FaceBook page, The Equine Advantage, LLC, or contact us for upcoming dates!  Better yet, contact us to inquire about scheduling a program specifically for your group!  

Commonly asked questions

Do you need prior experience with horses?     Not at all!

Are the horses ridden during the workshop?   No.  All work is done on the ground with the horses.

How long is the program?   We custom design all programs.  Most are one day, but we can do half day programs, and multiple day programs.  It truly depends on the needs of your company or team.  We are also available for speaking engagements.

Do you facilitate programs with the horses year round?  Yes we do!  We partner with wonderful facilities that enable us to work indoors so we can run programs regardless of the temperature outside.

Do you offer programs without horses?  Yes we do!  We can design programs that use the same principles as the horse programs.   The horses provide amazing insight, but we understand it's not for everyone.  We encourage the use of the horses for the greatest transfer back to the workplace, but have successful programs without the horses.

Andrea's Blog

Welcome to The Equine Advantage blog.  Here you'll find information, thoughts, ideas and research all pertinent to the focus on change and improvement.  


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